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The MetamorphosisTLC systems approach to focusing on the instructional core inspires and equips educators at all levels to optimize performance throughout entire school communities. Our work has transformed the mindset and practice of both teachers and administrators, and affirmed them as professionals who can uplift entire school cultures. Our collaborative hands-on approach gives educators the skill and confidence to make lasting improvements in the lives of their students.

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Metamorphosis CCSS Mathematics Institute Summer 2014

What are they saying about us?

  • THANK YOU for all that you have done to assist me in becoming a better literacy coach. All of the information that you have shared has brought meaning to my position and has helped me to truly understand my role and how I can realistically and effectively improve practice in my schools. I feel that I have been a part of an awesome experience where I have been given the opportunity to really examine good teaching practices, engage in meaningful conversation around it, and work cooperatively with my colleagues to begin to put these ideas into practice.
- Germaine Tarver, Literacy Coach
  • One of the most powerful best practices that we have experienced on our journey with Lucy and her colleagues is the development of coaching communities. Toni Cameron models the lesson design with a coach and coaches the coach while other coaches observe. To demonstrate powerful instructional strategies and coaching strategies, Toni and a coach co-teach while team members observe. These sessions are taped to allow teachers and coaches to reflect on their experiences. Toni has been a valuable resource for providing feedback to the coaches about their strengths and opportunities for growth.

    - Dr. Sheila Maher, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Carrolton Farmers Branch Independent School District
  • My enthusiasm is off the charts about seeing you, learning with you again, and sharing an amazing year as a learner and coach alongside some wonderful educators. Our collaboration this year gave me courage to step outside my comfort zone, try new methods, make mistakes, and figure them out along the way. The teachers I worked with this year have truly embraced a new way of looking at mathematics teaching and learning; I couldn't be more pleased with all we accomplished with and for our students this year.

    - Jennifer Mascheck
  • Since your voice [Lucy] is frequently in my head when I work with teachers and coaches, just thought I would drop you a note. The year turned out some amazing outcomes. Amazing does not begin to describe what happens when you use strings and investigations to get students to talk about mathematics (The development series [Antonia Cameron] co-authored for Ratio Tables ROCKS!). In fact, the results were so powerful (increased number sense and thinking skills of kids and teachers) teachers sought out more strategies that they could format into strings. This led to the teachers really figuring out that learning is developed deliberately and NOT through [focusing on] steps kids can forget!
    - Somerville, MA
  • It was such a pleasure to work with you again today. Each time you have visited, I have had a kind of rebirth or rejuvenation with regard to my practice as a coach. I feel like I have learned more than I ever learned in my previous 20 years as a teacher. I have discovered a passion for coaching that matches my passion for teaching, and with that combination I am determined to help move our school forward. To say that our district is undergoing change is an understatement. Under your tutelage and influence we have already made tremendous strides. The time we have been able to spend working with you has set us upon a firm foundation from which we can grow and build the kind of district our community deserves. Thank you again for all the learning and inspiration.
    - Scott Hoppert, Coach, Monroe Public Schools